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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cross Cultural Etiquette and Manners: New Zealand

New Zealand: Etiquette and Manners
  • The day-to-day language used in New Zealand is English. Other two official languages are: Maori and NZ Sign language. English and Maori languages have adopted words from each other.
  • People of New Zealand are serious about maintaining the environment and love to preserve their country's beauty.
  • Make appointments for business meetings at least one week in advance by telephone, email or fax.
  • December and January are prime summer vacation months and therefore try to avoid planning your meetings in these months.
  • Dress conservatively for business meetings. You may remove jacket and roll up shirtsleeves when working.
  • Reach the meeting venue punctually or a few minutes in advance. Late arrivals make an unfavorable impression.
  • Meetings are conducted in a relaxed manner though it does not mean that the seriousness of the discussions is undermined.
  • Greet the participants of the meeting with handshake and smile.
  • While New Zealanders switch over to first names quickly, it is advisable to address them by their title and surname till they call you by your first name or suggest switching to communication on first name basis.
  • Small talk before getting down to the business agenda is quite common.
  • Make truthful business presentations; do not exaggerate. Use appropriate facts and figures in your business presentations.
  • New Zealanders often respect action to mere words.
  • Maintain eye contact with the fellow participants of the meeting.
  • Give them the personal space they need.
  • Do not show aggression in your selling pitch.
  • Do not oversell. Promise only what you can really deliver.
  • In negotiating with New Zealander, demonstrating the benefits of your products and services will work better than just talking about the benefits.
  • Be concise in your communication; stick to the point. Lengthy talks may not be appreciated. Yet, all the terms and conditions should be put forth specifically and in detail.
  • New Zealanders are friendly and polite people though may be a bit reserved to start with.
  • You may find New Zealanders saying hello to strangers and offering assistance without being asked.
  • They enjoy extending hospitality.
  • If you are invited at home of a New Zealander, make sure to present to the host a gift say chocolates, flowers, a book.
  • Opening the gifts when received is a common practice.
  • Wait to be told where to sit around the dining table.
  • Follow the continental table manners. (Refer: Dining Etiquette and Table Manners
(Also refer: for general etiquette and manners, dining etiquette and table manners, for telephone etiquette, for email etiquette)

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